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The no-code blog builder
Notion users have dreamed of.

What if you could ditch clunky web builders and expensive templates while going from idea to iteration in less than a minute flat. Even better, imagine being able to create and manage your blog without ever leaving Notion. That’s something Notion users have wanted a long time, and now you have it with Blogic.

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The Problem (with Website Builders)

If you’ve been putting off creating a new blog because you just don’t want to mess with website builders again, we get you. You’re sick of the constant ‘update this, update that’ rollercoaster. Things always breaking, weird, unintuitive interfaces, and nowhere to turn for help.

Even with WYSIWYG editors, it’s often complex for people without code experience to do the simplest things, meaning money and time lost. What’s worse is that in most cases, these legacy website builders and blogging platforms are unbearably slow (which is the kiss of death when you consider how site speed is now a ranking factor).

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Solving Your Problem the Blogic Way

That’s why we built this with Notion users in mind who want to take its capabilities to the next level. Using Blogic is simple, effective, and produces responsive, quick-loading, and SEO-friendly content. Blogic isn’t like the other so-called ‘Notion to website’ builders either; all they do is add bloated code on top of Notion pages (which is why they all load at a snail’s pace).

Instead, we use Notion’s API to guarantee you and your website visitors the absolute fastest experience and the most flexibility found anywhere. Long story short: All of your changes are instant, cached immediately, because of it search engines love us!

Now, you can do virtually anything you can think of—without ever leaving your Notion workflow. No more building from scratch or annoyingly over-complicated tools to slow you down. The secret behind Blogic’s power is harnessing Notion's powerful work-anywhere text crafting tool as a CMS.

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The community

Blogic is just more than a blog builder, we have a growing community around blogic that has talented people who are creating amazing content everyday. The best part is, its included with Blogic.

We try to bring on experts to this community to help you get the resources needed to grow your blog. We also provide constant updates on the new features, takes feedback and also post tutorial videos on how to get most out of the Blogic.

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Starting your own blog has never been easier. With the Blogic's ever-growing suite of tools, you're limited only to your imagination.


You can create a Blog and blog posts and also add categories, Cover image, Read time right from Notion database.


Are you a freelancer that wants to setup Portfolio website and manage it hassle free, Blogic helps you.

Landing pages

Create landing pages quickly to validate your idea without putting lot of effort into deciding the tech.

Third Party scripts

Its easy to add third party scripts in Blogic dashboard, you can add live chat, analytics, etc.

Header/footer links

Add links to the header and footer easily from Notion app itself and these pages still load the content on Blogic.

Highly customizable forms

Create and add forms easily to your Blogic pages and collect data right to your Notion database.

Custom Domains

You can use Blogic websites to be loaded under custom domains, we do provide free LetsEncrypt SSL on your domains too.

And much, much more

Our development roadmap includes new features to extend your Notion capabilities and we're upgrading based on what YOU need most.

Why Blogic is Risk-Free For You to Try

  • Use the suite of Blogic tools
  • Watch the tutorial videos
  • Learn from examples and then apply them to your site.
  • Our support team is always an email or tweet away

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for Notion?
No, To use Blogic you don't have to pay for notion account. Notion comes with free account and that will do the job.
Does blogic supports Custom domains?
Yes, Custom domains are supported on blogic and you can even customise website to fit your branding needs.
Is there a learning curve for Blogic?
No, It takes only a minute to setup blogic account and blog on it. After that you can manage almost everything from Notion.
Do I still have to use Notion URls?
No, You can customise the urls to be SEO friendly. That can be configured right in your Notion database!
Do I have to install SSL for custom domains?
No, We install LetsEncrypt SSL for your domains for free. If you want to use your own, it is possible too!
What happens if Notion is down?
We cache each and every page, so if Notion is down that doesn't affect your website
Is Blogic optimized for SEO?
Yes, we build the pages by fetching raw data from Notion databases and add our flavor to make them faster, better to make sure Google love us
Can I add tracking or third party scripts?
Yes, you can integrate third party scripts like google analytics, provide livechat like intercom or crisp.
My question is not listed here, where can I ask?
Click here to chat with us directly or email to

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