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All-in-one platform

We are offering a full featured blog platform for you to create a blog from Notion. Blogic comes with all the tools you need and counting..

Blazing Fast

We use CDN to cache the data fetched from the Notion, which means its super faster to load

Custom Domains

You can use your own domain to show the blogs, if you don't have one you can still use the one we provie like


You can allow your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and export the list to CSV file to use it on different platform too.

SEO Friendly

All the blog posts generated from blogic are SEO friendly and on top of that you can add your own meta tags.

Header/Footer Scripts

You can inject code, styles into the header and footer section of the html page. This is useful when you want to add 3rd party analytics


Need to collect information from the visitor, add a form on the page and collect the information directly to your Notion Database.

Blogic Family

A growing community of talented people using Blogic to create blogs, people share, learn and teach others on creating successful blogs.

1400+ Fonts

You can choose from 1400+ Google Fonts for your blog. Its easy to switch from the settings panel.

Optimized Images

We optimize the iamges that were uploaded or choosen from Unsplash on Notion to improve the SEO quality and faster response time.

And much, much more

Our public roadmap includes new features to extend your Notion capabilities and we're upgrading based on what YOU need most.